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Meet Mary! Mary McCoy is Continuum’s resident Inbound Marketing Specialist and social media enthusiast. She recently graduated from the University of Virginia (Wahoowa!) with a BA in Economics and served as digital marketing intern for Citi Performing Arts Center (Citi Center), spearheading the nonprofit’s #GivingTuesday social media campaign. Like her school’s founder, Thomas Jefferson, Mary believes learning never ends. She considers herself a passionate, lifelong student of content creation and inbound marketing.
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4 Types of Blog Posts You Should be Writing (and Prompts to Get You Started)

Posted by Mary McCoy on Oct 8, 2015 12:00:00 PM

You’ve done it. You’ve told yourself you’re going to start writing for your MSP business blog. You’ve got your laptop right out in front of you, fingers poised to start typing. Suddenly, you freeze. Uhhhhhh now what?

For many MSPs, it’s not that you don’t want to launch an awesome blog, it’s that you don’t know where to start or what you should be blogging about. That’s totally understandable, and we’ve all been there. Take it from me, the smartest, most impactful topics originate in brainstorms. To help you get the wheels turning, we’ve provided the four types of blog posts you should be writing as well as a list of questions designed to generate content your target audience actually wants to read.

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3 Benefits of Having an RMM Solution with a Network Operations Center Fully at Your Command

Posted by Mary McCoy on Oct 8, 2015 6:00:00 AM

Alright, you have RMM monitoring all of your clients' servers, but maybe you and your techs are the ones managing every alert and ticket. Alternatively, you've recognized the value of people-powered technology and have backed your IT team with a Network Operations Center (NOC), but you're still burdened with low value tasks that prevent you from acquiring and supporting new business, your employees from realizing their full potential and your clients from maintaining uptime and profitability. Any of these scenarios describe you? Read on.

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Topics: Managed IT Services, rmm, Network Operations Center, NOC

8 Ways to Get Your Name Out There through Public Relations

Posted by Mary McCoy on Oct 7, 2015 6:00:00 AM

How does the public view your company? Are you top-of-mind for your industry? According to Tracy Wemett, President and co-founder of BroadPR, MSPs cannot live without public relations (PR), especially since all IT is local. Maximizing your brand's visibility within your community helps attract new prospects and define your current customers' opinion of you. You may think it's optional and really only useful for enterprise businesses, but it's a necessity for any company, regardless of company size, production, or goals.

Last week at Navigate 2015, Tracy discussed the value of good PR in managed IT services and outlined the following best practices when crafting a plan.

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Topics: Sales & Marketing, MSP Best Practices, Navigate 2015

8 U.K. Cybersecurity Stats that Will Make IT Solution Providers Rethink Their Business Model

Posted by Mary McCoy on Sep 28, 2015 6:00:00 AM

The United Kingdom (U.K.) has been buzzing about increased cybersecurity defenses and protection with recent data breaches like the famous Ashley Madison hacking scandal (among other instances) fueling public anxiety. Just last week at the Financial Times Cyber Security Europe Summit, Ed Vaizey, Minister for the Digital Economy warned U.K. businesses that they needed to implement stronger security measures and encouraged widespread adoption of the government's Cyber Essentials program. The scheme outlines the basic controls all businesses should establish to mitigate the damage of data breaches and upon completion, participating organizations receive a badge to demonstrate to clients that they have taken these necessary precautions. 

Now more than ever, residents are demanding this assurance as cyber threats becomes even more prevalent in the U.K. and data regulations continue to be reevaluated for a new unified standard. What exactly is the state of cybercrime, and why is it causing such public unrest? Using Bit9 + Carbon Black, ThreatMetrix, Procorre, and Price Waterhouse Cooper as references, we've compiled eight cybersecurity statistics every U.K. IT solutions provider needs to know.

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Topics: Information Security, United Kingdom, UK

Actionable Sales & Marketing Insights from INBOUND 2015 that All MSPs Can Implement 

Posted by Mary McCoy on Sep 15, 2015 12:00:00 PM

Last week, several of us were lucky enough to experience INBOUND, HubSpot's annual sales and marketing conference. The event was jam-packed with educational and entertaining sessions for marketers of all experience levels. Many of the approximately 14,000 people in attendance face the same business challenges you do - training and retaining Sales talent, becoming a thought leader in an increasingly saturated competitive landscape, raising website visibility in searches, closing leads into customers, and more. 

With our own event, Navigate 2015, around the corner, a few of us marketers manning the Grow Your Business Genius Bar and running our own content marketing channels have taken the sessions we sat in on and extracted must-know insights that MSPs can apply when driving their own sales and marketing programs. Enjoy!

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8 Ways to Reduce Your Technician Turnover Rate

Posted by Mary McCoy on Sep 15, 2015 6:00:00 AM

Did you know today is IT Pro Day? It's a day devoted to paying homage to IT professionals, the "unsung heroes of modern business." In honor of this technician appreciation day, we wanted to know what MSP business owners could do to reduce their turnover rate. Why is employee churn such a business killer? Bottom line: there is a shortage of IT talent. According to CIO Magazine, of the 200 U.S. and U.K. C-level executives who participated in Appirio and Wakefield Research's survey, 90% claimed recruiting and retaining technology talent is a top business challenge. The same C-suite reported that 25% of their IT staff leaves the company each year. 

We wanted to know what could be done about this so we turned to Spiceworks, a community of online IT professionals. We asked: What is one thing your boss could do to make your job more enjoyable? The influx of responses was astounding! After scanning the 64 (and counting) comments for common threads, here are eight ways to cut down on employee churn! 

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Devastating U.K. HIV Patient Data Breach Reveals Human Error Is a Problem Everywhere

Posted by Mary McCoy on Sep 14, 2015 6:00:00 AM

Last week, the 56 Dean Street clinic in London mistakenly divulged the names and email addresses of 780 patients who had been tested for HIV. The incident is just another example of how human error can compromise businesses, of any size and in any country. Learn what IT service provides everywhere can do to prevent data crises like this.

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Topics: Industry News, Data Protection, United Kingdom, UK

So You Think You Know HIPAA, Huh? Answer These 10 Questions!

Posted by Mary McCoy on Sep 3, 2015 6:00:00 AM

HIPAA. It's that acronym you always want to spell with two P's even though you know it stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. The law has been around since 1996, but as our digital footprint grows, so do new rules and compliance regulations. That's where MSPs factor in. Healthcare organizations need the strictest security standards and HIPAA-compliant data protection. Are you capitalizing on this market need? Whether you're already serving the healthcare vertical or considering following in the footsteps of successful IT solutions providers before you and offering compliant services, you and your employees should know the ins and outs of HIPAA. It's time for a temperature check...

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Topics: HIPAA, Healthcare IT

Google's New 3-Pack Update & 3 Actions MSPs Must Take to Optimize for Local Search!

Posted by Mary McCoy on Aug 25, 2015 6:00:00 AM

As service providers, you're on the lookout for IT-related news like the latest virus to plague Androids or the newest product release announcement from Apple. You may not necessarily be following the latest changes to Google's search results rankings, but this is one you'll want to bookmark. It could reduce visibility for your company if you're not proactive enough with your web marketing strategy...

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Not Your Typical PSA: A Q&A with Founder and CEO of Vorex, Mike Salem

Posted by Mary McCoy on Aug 24, 2015 6:00:00 AM

This is a public service announcement advocating the MSP adoption of professional services automation, a PSA for PSAs. Cue the furrowed brow, black and white color scheme, and Sarah McLachlan soundtrack. In all seriousness, a PSA tool is hugely beneficial for project management and business efficiency. To help better explain the value of such a tool, we sat down with Mike Salem, Founder and CEO of Vorex. Not only a Navigate 2015 sponsor, Vorex is also one of the leading PSA platforms we integrate with. What challenges can professional services automation help you overcome? What features make your job easier? Check out our Q&A!

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