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Lily Teplow

Meet Lily Teplow! After majoring in Communications and French, Lily graduated from South Carolina's Furman University and now takes on her new role as Content Marketing Associate at Continuum. In her spare time, Lily enjoys singing, traveling, and cheering on her favorite Boston sports teams!
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Breaking Down the Dangers of Social Engineering

Posted by Lily Teplow on March 24, 2017

Breaking Down the Dangers of Social-Engineering

By now, we’re all familiar with the type of hacker who uses their technical skills to infiltrate computer systems and compromise sensitive data. It’s seen in news headlines across the globe today. However, there’s now another type of hacker who uses special tactics to exploit the one weakness that every organization has: human psychology.

This is more commonly known as social engineering, which is the art of manipulating people so they give up confidential information. Not only are social engineering attacks becoming more common against small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), they’re also becoming more sophisticated. This makes things very tough for the MSPs that aim to serve and protect those SMB clients. So, in order to stay a few steps ahead of cybercriminals, here’s what you should know about social engineering attacks and how MSPs can help prevent clients from falling victim to them.

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Topics: Industry News, Cybersecurity and Threat Management

Partner Spotlight: How 2 MSPs Leverage Continuity247 to Overcome Top BDR Challenges

Posted by Lily Teplow on March 17, 2017

Partner Spotlight: How 2 MSPs Leverage Continuity247 to Overcome Top BDR Challenges.png

Although backup and disaster recovery (BDR) has become a staple to every MSPs technology stack, many still struggle to develop a profitable and sustainable BDR line of business. Some of the common challenges we hear today include finding the right solution to fit your clients’ needs, or delivering effective data backup to clients across specific industries. Others have a hard time dealing with solutions that have become too cumbersome and time-consuming to manage, or even dealing with disaster recovery scenarios. As an MSP offering BDR services, your goal is to provide clients with reliable data backup and business continuity, but how can you do so when these challenges stand in your way?

Sometimes, the best way to succeed is to learn through others’ success. That’s why we’re sharing the stories of two Continuum partners who faced certain BDR challenges but proceeded to overcome them by leveraging Continuity247, our fully-managed BDR platform. Let's take a closer look!

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Topics: Backup and Disaster Recovery, Continuity247, Partner Success

Overcoming Cybersecurity Challenges with Managed IT Services

Posted by Lily Teplow on March 16, 2017

Overcoming Cybersecurity Challenges with Managed IT Services.png

If there is one thing we can be certain about when it comes to cybersecurity, it’s that the landscape will remain dynamic and turbulent over the coming years. Today, news headlines are dominated by cyberattacks and breaches that span across all industries – causing security to be top of mind for almost all businesses. However, these headlines don’t seem to be slowing down, which means that businesses are still struggling to keep up with the rapidly evolving threat landscape.

So, what are the biggest obstacles businesses face in achieving a stronger cybersecurity posture, and how are MSPs best-suited to help clients and prospects overcome these obstacles?

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Topics: Business Development and Growth, Cybersecurity and Threat Management, Managed Security Services

20 Statistics to Help MSPs Sell Managed IT Services in 2017

Posted by Lily Teplow on March 10, 2017

20 Statistics to Help MSPs Sell Managed IT Services in 2017.png

Why exactly should businesses leverage your managed IT services this year? When you’re making your sales pitch to clients and prospects, this is the question you need to answer to differentiate yourself from your competition. Sure, you have your value prop down and you’ve memorized your talking points to a tee, but what else can you use to convince them?

They say that numbers speak louder than words, so here are a few numbers that we think speak volumes. It’s clear that the need for managed IT services isn’t going anywhere, but to help make your case here are 20 statistics you can use to prove why businesses should partner with you.

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Topics: Sales and Marketing, Backup and Disaster Recovery, SMB Trends, Cybersecurity and Threat Management

The Top 5 MSP Blog Posts of February 2017

Posted by Lily Teplow on March 1, 2017

The-Top-5-MSP-Blog-Posts-of-February-2017.pngCan you believe it’s already March? With only one month left in the quarter, it’s time to focus on maximizing your client relationships, closing those deals and ending this month on a high note. Now, if only there were some blog posts out there that would help you do just that... Oh wait!

Although February is a month shorter in days, there was no shortage of valuable posts on the MSP Blog. A lot was covered this past month, including how to strengthen your MSP sales strategies for 2017, how to align your IT services with your clients’ and prospects’ business priorities, tools and tips for greater workplace productivity and much more! So without further ado, here are the top five blog posts our readers couldn’t get enough of this February.

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Topics: Business Development and Growth, Sales and Marketing

What Is the Financial Impact of a Ransomware Attack? [CHART]

Posted by Lily Teplow on February 24, 2017

What Is the Financial Impact of a Ransomware Attack.png

Imagine for a moment that you receive a phone call from a client to hear that hundreds of their computers have been infected with ransomware, knocking critical systems offline and putting their organization’s entire operations at risk. What a nightmare, right? Unfortunately, this has been a reality for many unprepared small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) as we’ve seen ransomware reach new levels of maturity over the past couple of years.

Ransomware attacks can have a major impact on business continuity, productivity, reputation and much more, and dealing with one is not only time-consuming; it can be extremely costly. SMBs need to be fully aware of the threat posed by ransomware and make strengthening their IT defenses a top priority this year. However, if they’re hesitant or don’t yet have the proper defenses in place, how can you convince them to turn to an MSP like you for help? What other financial impacts could ransomware have on their business and why should they leverage your managed IT services to prevent a business-crippling attack?

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Topics: Information Security, Cybersecurity and Threat Management, Managed Security Services, MSP Sales Chart

5 Tips to Make Your MSP Social Media Savvy

Posted by Lily Teplow on February 20, 2017

5 Tips to Make Your MSP Social Media Savvy.png

We regularly hear our partners grumble about using social media, and it’s no wonder. Some managed services providers (MSPs) simply don’t have the time to support it, some might not see the ROI in it, and others just don’t quite “get” it. However, social media is an essential aspect of marketing and selling your managed services and it can act as an MSP’s differentiator. For starters, it can raise awareness for your company and boost your reputation as a leader in your field. It can also encourage your leads to reach out, look at your website and get to know your business. So, whether you’re looking to better align social media to your sales and marketing strategy, learn how to boost your current efforts, or you’re just starting out, you can use these five tips to make your MSP much savvier in the social media sphere.

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Topics: Business Development and Growth, Sales and Marketing

Client Retention Best Practices for Managed Services Providers

Posted by Lily Teplow on February 14, 2017


Happy Valentine’s Day, folks! It’s that time of year when love is in the air and certain relationships are at the forefront of everyone’s mind. But before you start considering buying roses by the dozen or stopping by the chocolate store on your way home, there are some relationships you should attend to before leaving the office – your client relationships. Client retention is something that you should be focused on throughout the entire year. Making your clients happy is all about aligning the value of your products and services to your clients’ business priorities and ensuring that you’re delivering on – and even exceeding – your promises. But how exactly can you “show the love” to your clients this year?

On a recent episode of MSP Radio, our hosts sat down with Dee Zepf, VP of Partner Success at Continuum, to chat about how MSPs can implement strategies and processes that ensure you're keeping clients happy, uncovering their issues and improving client retention rates.

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Topics: Business Development and Growth, Customer Service, Podcast

How Continuum’s NOC Can Resolve up to 90% of Issues for You

Posted by Lily Teplow on February 10, 2017

How a NOC Can Solve 90 percent of Your Issues For You.png

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up in the morning to find out that a major client issue was proactively identified—and resolved—while you were counting sheep? Or if your technicians were able to spend less time monitoring alerts and focus on more strategic, revenue-driving projects? Fortunately, this isn’t a fantasy scenario—it’s all possible when you leverage Continuum's Network Operations Center (NOC) technicians in conjunction with our IT management platform.

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Topics: Business Development and Growth, Network Operations Center, Service Delivery and Operational Efficiency

How to Align Your Managed Services with SMB Business Priorities [CHART]

Posted by Lily Teplow on February 10, 2017

How to Align Your Managed Services with SMB Business Priorities.png

The small- and medium-sized business (SMB) clients you serve today are placing a high priority on technology. Actually, two-thirds of SMBs indicate technology is a primary factor in pursuing their business objectives for the year ahead. They’re looking to move beyond simply managing and maintaining their infrastructure to utilizing technology to solve their business’ top problems. Many SMBs are wanting to increase their investment in technology and IT expertise, but some barriers still exist.

As your prospects try to find the right service provider, they’re carefully thinking about how they can focus on core business objectives without worrying about their IT needs. But did they know that in outsourcing to an MSP like you, they can experience more growth with your proactive, predictable and preventative IT services?

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Topics: Sales and Marketing, SMB Trends, MSP Sales Chart

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