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Peter Melby

Peter Melby is the CEO of Greystone Technology, a Colorado-based MSP who’s used a radically reinvented employee connection strategy as its primary competitive advantage. In 2016, Peter was named as one of Colorado’s Top 25 CEOs and Denver’s 40 Under 40. Greystone is annually recognized as one of the best places to work in Denver and currently has over 90 employees. Being a great place to work and giving employees the freedom to execute their genius for technology and customer service has enabled Greystone to average 40 percent annual growth for the past 14 years.
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Making Your Way to $10M: 5 Important MSP Lessons

Posted by Peter Melby on April 11, 2017

Making Your Way to $10M: 5 Important MSP Lessons

Growing a business is exciting. In this industry, the idea of being a $10 million MSP is something many see as a top possible accomplishment. There are thousands of tips and best practices out there to help ensure we’re on the straight and smooth path to reaching this milestone. However, I have been down that path before, and let me tell you, it’s not as straight and smooth as you’d think.

The journey to becoming a $10M MSP is full of obstacles and reroutes, and you might even find yourself stumbling off one or two cliffs. If you aspire to take your business to the next level, you should beware that there will be challenges at every turn. In reflecting upon my own journey, I wanted to share a few important lessons that I’ve learned along the way. Making your way to $10M can be worth it, as long as you don't forget these key things:

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Topics: Business Development and Growth, Revenue Growth and Profitability

Selling Reality: 10 Principles to Sell Long-Term Success

Posted by Peter Melby on September 29, 2015

In my Navigate 2015 session "Selling Reality," I outlined four principles to consider when selling your services. Your quest to keep your clients begins before they ever sign a contract. Changing your mindset and actions can make it much easier to avoid the traditional gap between sales and service and ensure clients are clients for life. I've recapped my session and outlined six more game-changing principles for MSPs. Enjoy!

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Topics: Sales and Marketing, Navigate 2015

How to Dig Deep & Get to the Root of Customer Dissatisfaction

Posted by Peter Melby on July 21, 2015


We are not a perfect MSP. Sometimes we screw up… big time. In recent years, we've started tracking client dissatisfaction events. We call them "losses," and we share them openly amongst our team in an attempt to gain a deeper understanding and prevent further mistakes. What we've found has surprised us:  

Our "losses" almost never occur because of incorrect actions. Over 75% can be traced back to an incorrect understanding of the problem.

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Topics: Customer Service

Why Does Bad Customer Service Still Exist?

Posted by Peter Melby on June 4, 2015


Nobody underestimates the importance of customer service. I have yet to come across a service provider in the past 15 years who would state otherwise. It's laughable to see organizations use "customer focused" or "good with customers" as differentiator because it's equally as laughable to think about an MSP who would say they are "customer indifferent" or "content to be mediocre at giving service". Technology service companies are just as much service companies, if not more, than technology companies. We all get that customer service is critical to growth and survival.

This would be a very short and obvious blog entry if it weren't for one major point: The number one reason we see clients fire MSPs is bad customer service!  If we all understand how important this is, why is it still such a primary industry problem? 

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Topics: Customer Service

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