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5 Ways to Improve Your MSP Service Level Agreement (SLA)

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5 Ways to Improve Your MSP Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

SLAs are the foundation of your MSP business. They are essential to building strong client relationships and must be clear, reasonable and well-constructed.

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Could IT Disasters Make April Fools Out of Your Clients? [QUIZ]

Posted March 31, 2016by Mary McCoy

Could IT Disasters Make April Fools Out of Your Clients? [QUIZ]

Did you know today is World Backup Day? The day celebrates a global, independent initiative that stresses the importance of regularly backing up both personal and professional data. Since its debut in 2011, World Backup Day has become a movement in its own right with one unifying mission. People are simply asked to take the pledge and back up their important documents and precious memories on March 31st. Seems easy enough, right? Not for everyone. According to the official site, a shocking 30 percent of people have never backed up.

As an MSP charged with the health of clients' IT environments, preserving company data is a top concern. And not just today, but all year round. Often, you may have difficulty convincing certain clients that they need your fully-managed backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solution. Some may think they're controlling for every disaster or are immune to data loss, but do they know that 29 percent of disasters are caused by accident? To help you make your BDR case more effectively, we've created a short quiz measuring IT disaster preparedness. Send to clients and prospects in the hopes that they'll see the value of your business continuity services and take your backup pledge!

Here's the quiz you can download to send to clients and BDR prospects: 

At the end of the quiz, participants will fall into one of the following three buckets:

1. Data Daredevil

"You're working without a safety net (or parachute) and risking the security of your company's data as a result. Data loss and data breaches have become increasingly common for SMBs like you, and the impact is significant. Whether an employee accidentally erases critical files, your office loses power in the middle of a snowstorm or your local backups fail, you'll want to partner with an IT service provider that doesn't leave data protection to chance and offers 24x7x365 backup and disaster recovery."

2. Backup Beginner

"You're on the right track! You've dodged some hurdles and have taken steps to secure your company's data by backing up in some capacity, but you need a more secure, reliable BDR strategy. While you recognize the need to tighten up your backup policies and procedures, you haven't yet enacted or enforced anything and could use outside help. The right MSP can help set recovery time objectives and recover point objectives, troubleshoot errors, perform environment health checks and regularly test and verify backup systems. Do you currently receive this level of support?"

3. Ultimate Uptimer

"You're firing on all cylinders! Well, almost. While you've embraced business continuity and BDR as the most robust backup solution to help maximize employee productivity and profitability, you may benefit from an alternative solution. You should be working with an IT service provider that can manage all of your backups 24x7x365 so you never have to suffer costly downtime. Look for an MSP that can help set recovery time objectives and recover point objectives, troubleshoot errors, perform environment health checks and regularly test and verify backup systems. You've taken all the right steps! Now, it's time to follow through and hit the gas."

Download the white label quiz to share now!



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Meet Mary! Mary McCoy is a Demand Generation Programs Manager at Continuum, where she's worked for over two years. Mary primarily manages the MSP Blog and has consulted with hundreds of partners, lending website, blog and social media support. Before that, she graduated from the University of Virginia (Wahoowa!) with a BA in Economics and served as digital marketing intern for Citi Performing Arts Center (Citi Center), spearheading the nonprofit’s #GivingTuesday social media campaign. Like her school’s founder, Thomas Jefferson, Mary believes learning never ends. She considers herself a passionate, lifelong student of content creation and inbound marketing.

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