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5 Ways to Improve Your MSP Service Level Agreement (SLA)

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5 Ways to Improve Your MSP Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

SLAs are the foundation of your MSP business. They are essential to building strong client relationships and must be clear, reasonable and well-constructed.

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How to Identify Your Unique Selling Proposition and Differentiate Your Company

Posted by Nate Teplow on April 13, 2017

How to Identify Your Unique Selling Proposition and Differentiate Your Company

With the growing competition in the MSP landscape, developing a unique selling proposition is more important than ever. As the marketing continues to evolve and consolidate, it can be tough to identify and articulate what makes your MSP unique – especially in a services-based environment. You need to offer prospects an immediate glimpse of what sets your company apart in order to effectively sell your services and close more deals. So, how exactly can you make yourself stand out from all of the managed IT services offerings available?

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Topics: Business Development and Growth, Sales and Marketing, Podcast

How MSPs Can Create a Profitable Cybersecurity-as-a-Service Offering

Posted by Nate Teplow on March 8, 2017

How MSPs Can Create a Profitable Cybersecurity-as-a-Service Offering.png

Cybersecurity has been a concern for businesses ever since they started building digital assets. It’s no new topic in the IT industry, either. Due to an increased reliance on technology and a heightened awareness around breaches, cybersecurity has now become a top priority. It's clear that the demand for cybersecurity services is growing rapidly, but many MSPs still find it difficult to establish an effective and profitable service offering. So, what exactly can MSPs do to get from needing a cybersecurity offering to actually having one?

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Topics: Cybersecurity and Threat Management, Podcast, Managed Security Services

How to Build a Successful BDR Line of Business

Posted by Nate Teplow on February 28, 2017

How to Build a Successful BDR Line of Business.pngThe backup and disaster recovery (BDR) market has seen tremendous growth over the last five years and presents a big opportunity for managed IT services providers. The small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) you serve now require effective disaster recovery and continuity planning as part of their daily operations, and MSPs are best-suited to deliver these services. However, many IT providers still struggle with developing a BDR line of business and profitably servicing their clients. So, what are some strategies MSPs can use to build, strengthen and deliver a successful BDR offering?

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Topics: Business Development and Growth, Backup and Disaster Recovery, Podcast

Client Retention Best Practices for Managed Services Providers

Posted by Lily Teplow on February 14, 2017


Happy Valentine’s Day, folks! It’s that time of year when love is in the air and certain relationships are at the forefront of everyone’s mind. But before you start considering buying roses by the dozen or stopping by the chocolate store on your way home, there are some relationships you should attend to before leaving the office – your client relationships. Client retention is something that you should be focused on throughout the entire year. Making your clients happy is all about aligning the value of your products and services to your clients’ business priorities and ensuring that you’re delivering on – and even exceeding – your promises. But how exactly can you “show the love” to your clients this year?

On a recent episode of MSP Radio, our hosts sat down with Dee Zepf, VP of Partner Success at Continuum, to chat about how MSPs can implement strategies and processes that ensure you're keeping clients happy, uncovering their issues and improving client retention rates.

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Topics: Business Development and Growth, Customer Service, Podcast

How to Build a Championship-Winning Team

Posted by Nate Teplow on February 9, 2017

How to Build a Championship-Winning Team.png

News is still buzzing about Super Bowl LI. Whether you’re a Patriots fan, a Falcons fan or just watched for the commercials, you can’t deny that it was an outstanding game. A large part of what made it so great was the two prominent teams that faced off. Building a great team is critical to success, both in the sports world and when it comes to your MSP business. While we couldn’t book Belichick for our most recent MSP Radio episode, we did get to sit down with Mike Barnes, Director of Partner Engagement at Continuum, to chat about what it takes to build a great team and how it leads to business success.

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Topics: Business Development and Growth, Podcast

Scaling Your MSP Business in 2017

Posted by Nate Teplow on January 25, 2017

Scaling Your MSP Business in 2017.png

2017 is officially upon us, and as we settle into this new year, you’ve probably had some time to think about the growth goals you’ve set for your MSP business. So how do you make sure you achieve these goals and scale your business in a profitable way? On a recent episode of MSP Radio, we chatted about challenges MSPs face when growing their business, shared some specific strategies MSPs can leverage in 2017 and discussed details on a new eBook that Continuum has made available to help MSPs accelerate growth in the year ahead.

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Topics: Business Development and Growth, Podcast

Master Service Agreements & SLAs: How Well Do Yours Hold Up?

Posted by Joseph Tavano on November 23, 2016

With only a few weeks left in 2016, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about plans for the upcoming year. One of the more actionable ways you may be able to adapt your operations in 2017 is to revisit your Master Services Agreements, or MSAs, to make sure you have the most relevant—and profitable—contracts in place for the months and years ahead.

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Topics: Podcast, Service Level Agreement

Which RAID Setups are Most Compatible with Your Backup Solution?

Posted by Joseph Tavano on November 10, 2016

Which RAID Setup is Most Compatible with Your Backup Solution?.jpg

One of the more technical features of Continuity247® is the flexibility it affords in terms of RAID options for its backup appliance.

For the less technically savvy, RAID is an acronym for a redundant array of independent (or, inexpensive) disks, which affords benefits in terms of performance and redundancy by placing data across multiple disk drives instead of just one. Depending on how they are configured between a variety of disk striping and mirroring techniques, RAIDs can have a variety of benefits useful to the overall performance and stability of a system.

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Topics: Backup and Disaster Recovery, Continuity247, Podcast

Updates to Microsoft's Patching Process and the Impact on MSPs

Posted by Joseph Tavano on October 27, 2016

MS Patching.jpg

Microsoft has recently updated their decades-old standard patching process, which amounts to what some have called a “seismic” shift in the process. Now, windows patches will be deployed in a cumulative patch, without giving users the option to select and choose (or reject) individual patches throughout the process. This changes how end users, MSPs as well as software vendors and partners approach patching, leaving the entire channel to reassess their internal processes as a result of this shift.

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Topics: Patching, Podcast

What Does Marketing Look Like for MSPs Today?

Posted by Joseph Tavano on October 26, 2016

What does marketing look like for MSPs today.jpg

If you attended Navigate 2016, you likely know that the Grow Your Business Hub was one of the highlights of the conference. In addition to receiving a thumb drive loaded with white-label marketing collateral, partners were able to learn about new opportunities to market their business and discuss new paths to profitability through more effective sales efforts. For three days, MSPs met with members of Continuum’s sales and marketing teams to discuss, consult and strategize about their overall plans to take their businesses to the next level.

However, MSPs weren’t the only ones who walked away with new learnings at the Grow Your Business Hub. In order to better serve partners, the Grow Your Business Hub team was listening and learning also, and had some great takeaways and insight on the goals and best practices for MSPs in terms of sales and marketing.

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Topics: Sales and Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Podcast

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