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Simplifying 3 Trends That Are Changing the IT Landscape

Posted by Meaghan Moraes on April 21, 2017

Simplifying 3 Trends That Are Changing the IT Landscape

Let’s face it, modern IT is complicated. With new components being continuously added to the mix, managing and securing the IT landscape requires new tools fit for the challenge. However, the last thing managed services providers (MSPs) need is yet another disparate management tool that adds more complexity to their services. Without cohesive IT and service level management, there will be serious disconnects—from servers and networks, to storage and end points. 

Amidst the changing tides of technology, MSPs can help their clients ensure IT service and business success with an integrated approach. The following are three growing trends that MSPs should understand how to embrace and capitalize on in order to achieve sustainable profitability and business growth.

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Topics: Cloud Computing, SMB Trends, Mobile Device Management and IT Mobility

An MSP’s Guide to Combatting SMB Cybersecurity Challenges

Posted by Meaghan Moraes on April 7, 2017

An MSP’s Guide to Combatting SMB Cybersecurity Challenges

Ever since the internet became an indispensable tool in the business world, security risks have continued to grow more profound. Today, malware—specifically ransomware—is the biggest money-maker for cybercriminals in history. These types of attacks are real threats that no business can afford to ignore, especially small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

Due to limited budget, bandwidth and resources, SMBs combat IT issues differently than large enterprises. Cybersecurity is a top concern for SMBs in particular, as this group is faced with the following challenges:

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Topics: SMB Trends, Cybersecurity and Threat Management, Managed Security Services

20 Statistics to Help MSPs Sell Managed IT Services in 2017

Posted by Lily Teplow on March 10, 2017

20 Statistics to Help MSPs Sell Managed IT Services in 2017.png

Why exactly should businesses leverage your managed IT services this year? When you’re making your sales pitch to clients and prospects, this is the question you need to answer to differentiate yourself from your competition. Sure, you have your value prop down and you’ve memorized your talking points to a tee, but what else can you use to convince them?

They say that numbers speak louder than words, so here are a few numbers that we think speak volumes. It’s clear that the need for managed IT services isn’t going anywhere, but to help make your case here are 20 statistics you can use to prove why businesses should partner with you.

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Topics: Sales and Marketing, Backup and Disaster Recovery, SMB Trends, Cybersecurity and Threat Management

How to Align Your Managed Services with SMB Business Priorities [CHART]

Posted by Lily Teplow on February 10, 2017

How to Align Your Managed Services with SMB Business Priorities.png

The small- and medium-sized business (SMB) clients you serve today are placing a high priority on technology. Actually, two-thirds of SMBs indicate technology is a primary factor in pursuing their business objectives for the year ahead. They’re looking to move beyond simply managing and maintaining their infrastructure to utilizing technology to solve their business’ top problems. Many SMBs are wanting to increase their investment in technology and IT expertise, but some barriers still exist.

As your prospects try to find the right service provider, they’re carefully thinking about how they can focus on core business objectives without worrying about their IT needs. But did they know that in outsourcing to an MSP like you, they can experience more growth with your proactive, predictable and preventative IT services?

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Topics: Sales and Marketing, SMB Trends, MSP Sales Chart

What Are the Top 5 IT Challenges for SMBs in 2017?

Posted by Lily Teplow on January 27, 2017

What Are the Top 5 IT Challenges for SMBs in 2017.png

For most small- and medium- sized businesses (SMBs), IT is not their core function, but it’s necessary in making their business run. Most of these businesses want IT to work for them, but fear it will become a costly time suck that can take away from their primary business objectives. As today’s technology levels the playing field for SMBs, they’re now making the connection between strong IT investment and improved business performance.

However, the IT landscape continues to quickly change and shift – causing new challenges to emerge that forward-thinking SMBs need to consider as they grow their business. So, what exactly are these challenges and how can SMBs address them by investing in your managed IT services?

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Topics: Sales and Marketing, SMB Trends

How Managed Services Fulfills the IT Needs of SMBs [CHART]

Posted by Lily Teplow on September 9, 2016

One of the biggest challenges in selling managed IT services is that small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) may underestimate the need to invest in IT expertise. As a savvy MSP, you know that these businesses are continuing to grow more dependent on modern technologies and systems. So how can you convince them to protect their IT infrastructure with your managed services?

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Topics: Business Development and Growth, Sales and Marketing, SMB Trends, MSP Sales Chart

Can Managed Services Bridge the IT Skills Gap for SMBs? [CHART]

Posted by Lily Teplow on August 26, 2016


The IT skills gap phenomenon isn’t a new concept, but it has become increasingly evident in the past several years. Most small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have the same IT needs as larger organizations, but unfortunately lack the necessary internal bandwidth and resources. With new IT rules being written every day, complicated by the internet of Things (IoT) and an increasingly mobile workforce, IT professionals need to stay up-to-date and receive the latest certifications to cover their bases. As conditions continue to evolve, how can SMBs deal with the widening skills gap?

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Topics: Sales and Marketing, SMB Trends, Client Acquisition and Management, MSP Sales Chart

Why IT Security Is a Top Concern for SMBs [CHART]

Posted by Lily Teplow on July 29, 2016

Although security is one of the most talked about topics in the IT channel today, there’s a widespread lack of education and awareness in the workplace. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are welcoming more technology into their everyday environment, but the rapid development of this technology is also accompanied by changes in cybersecurity and Internet threats.

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Topics: Sales and Marketing, Data Protection, Information Security, SMB Trends, MSP Sales Chart

Summer Trends and Stats Every MSP Should Know

Posted by Lily Teplow on July 8, 2015

Summer is the most popular season for new trends to catch on. This season has most people saying “out with the old, and in with the new!” Even in the business world, it’s essential to stay up to date on current trends in order to keep your business in style. This is especially important to those working in the technology industry, where everything is constantly changing and upgrading.

There’s nothing more important than staying “in-the-know” this season, which is why the next item on our MSP Summer BuckIT List is to familiarize yourself with the industry you’re working in! Here are some key trends and statistics every MSP should know to help you prepare for the fast-changing future. Keep reading to see what’s in this summer, and what's going out of style.


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Topics: Industry News, SMB Trends

What Your SMB Clients Look for in their MSP [Infographic]

Posted by Mary McCoy on March 27, 2015

Only 17% of SMBs say they're where they want to be with technology. How are you addressing the other 83% with IT support needs? First, you have to better understand those needs to see if your MSP business is the right fit. 

Taken from responses from 500 executives with small to medium-sized businesses, CompTIA's recent Enabling SMBs with Technology study looks at how SMBs use technology, providing meaningful statistics MSPs can use to determine opportunities for their outsourced IT expertise. What are your prospective clients' technology insecurities and priorities? We've synthesized them into this shareable infographic. Enjoy!

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Topics: Business Development and Growth, SMB Trends

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